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With the essence of peppermint and chamomile calm your pup's itchy skin. 
This is good for spraying after and between bath times, to provide comfort if they suffer from skin irritation by replenishing mositure and adding shine. It also carries anti-inflammatory traits. 

This spray is also good for relieving itch due to bug bites and can be used as a replent in the warm seasons. 

Tea Spray

  • Splash Time PUP:

    Shampoo and conditioner products are made from organic and natural ingredients. Once still ingredients will separate, shake before using. Discard if there is any foul smell or presence of mold. Can be stored at room temperature.


    Sprays and Dry shampoo can be stored at room temperature. Shelf life is about 4 weeks, can be longer. Discard if there is any presence of foul smell or mold.

  • Water

    chamomile tea

    peppermint tea

    green tea



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