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Just like a peanut butter cookie with hint of banana with more peanut butter. Don't forget the best part... The bacon bits.

Additional benefits include:

Peanut butter a good source of protein promoting healthy skin and energy

Banana good source of fiber and natural sweetener

Coconut flour is gluten free carrying an abudance of vitamins such as B6, B9, C as well as other nutrients 


Icing benefits- 

Goat milk good for digestive issues, immune system help, enzymes,helps balance ph and more. 

Maple syrup- magnesium good for reproductive health, zinc (reduces inflammation), not for diabetic dogs, 



Sweet Treatz

23,00$ Precio
19,55$Precio de oferta
  • Food storage: Keep refrigerated or frozen until ready to consume. These products are made with real ingredients and no preservatives.

    For best use of product, consume within 2 weeks of purchasing.

    Discard if there is any noticeable foul smell or mold.

    Can be kept frozen for up to 3 months.

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